Announcement regarding the restriction of airplane boarding to child with autism

Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Brankica Janković, reminds that discrimination on grounds of health condition and disability is forbidden by the Constitution and Law and that persons with health issues and disability are facing great number of obstacles in all areas of life and often experience unaccepting and misunderstanding in their environment.

Regarding information published in media about the case of child with autism who was not allowed to board on plane, Commissioner Janković reminds of problems that children with autism meet on everyday basis and appeals on additional understanding of their problems and needs that would allow them to live with dignity, equality and without discrimination.

We are inviting parents of the child who was not allowed to board on plane, and also all others who think that they are discriminated, to submit complaint to Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, so that it can be determined, through proceedings upon the complaints, whether the Law on the Prohibition of Discrimination was breached, appealed Commissioner Janković.

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