Announcement regarding Commissioner receiving the award for contribution to solidarity between generations

On the occasion of European Day of Solidarity between Generations, Brankica Janković, Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, was handled the award by Belgrade Gerontology Center seniors for contribution to improvement of older persons living conditions.

Sculpture „Tree of cooperation between generations“ was made within creative workshop during the 4th OK Festival, presenting the symbol of fanning cooperation and solidarity between generations, as well as the symbol of unity and secure support for future generations. During three day festival, our oldest citizens, together with all festival participants and guests, were leaving their fingerprints on the paper that was used to create sculpture leaves.

Commissioner thanked for the award, reminding of the importance of cooperation and solidarity between generations.

In a time of globalization streams, we have special commitment not to forget an individual, regardless of its generation. There are voices that can sometimes be heard in our public, pointing to misunderstanding between generations, even condemning someone’s age, which is unacceptable, so we have an additional obligation to fight for equality and life without discrimination, said Commissioner, accenting the support to all competent authorities working on these goals.

She said that this award presents a privilege, but also a responsibility, her personal and of all employees in the institution of Commissioner, to continue to work for equal participation of all citizens in society, in times full of challenges.

President of Senior Clubs by Belgrade Gerontology Center, Nadežda Nikolić, handled the award to Commissioner, reminding that OK Festival connects children from the kindergartens, elementary schools, students and youth with Senior Club users, so that they can learn, work and talk together, share the experiences in culture, recreation, whole life learning and IT.

With this gesture, seniors symbolically paid tribute to Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, central institution for combat against discrimination and to Commissioner Brankica Janković, for great contribution in creating better life conditions for all citizens in Serbia and development of tolerant society, without discrimination.

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