Announcement on the occasion of the Universal Children’s Day

On the occasion of the Universal Children’s Day, Commissioner for Protection of Equality Ms. Brankica Jankovic congratulates children a day dedicated to the fight for their rights.

Fight for the rights of the child must be constant and on daily bases in all segments of society, the Commissioner stressed, and she added that discrimination and violence against children is a major problem in all societies in transition, as well as in our own.

The Commissioner notes that the large number of children in Serbia is exposed to various forms of discrimination and violence, especially children with disabilities and Roma children. They often face real obstacles to fulfill their rights and potentials and to live a decent life.

Ms Jankovic emphasized that recent data are showing that violence against children is widespread – from the violence in families, schools, peer violence, to digital violence. That is why educational, social work and health care institutions are crucial for the prevention of violence against children, and Police and judicial authorities should react on time whenever violence is detected.

On the other hand, the worrying fact is that stereotypical and discriminatory views and prejudices are widespread even among children. Therefore it is highly important to suppress development of such attitudes through processes of education and inclusion, Commissioner Jankovic concluded.

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