Announcement for the public

In the proceeding upon complaint filed by a civil society organization, because of the main page of newspaper “Nezavisne dnevne novine Srpski telegraf” that has displayed a title “Prevent a disease. Men in Serbia will give birth to children” together with a picture of pregnant men, as well as because of an article titled “State must not allow this in any way. Sick. Men will soon be giving birth in Serbia”, Commissioner for the Protection of Equality issued an opinion that provisions of the Law on the Prohibition of Discrimination were violated, together with the recommendation for removal of discrimination.

With such main page and article, disturbing and humiliating ideas and attitudes were expressed, insulting the dignity of transgender persons, which created the humiliating and offensive environment.

Since the responsible editor of this daily newspaper did not act upon the recommendation, not even after the warning, within a legal 30-day period, Commissioner for the Protection of Equality informs the public about that, in accordance with the Law on the Prohibition of Discrimination.

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