Warning to the public following the cover page of NIN weekly magazine

Brankica Janković, Commissioner for the Protection of Equality condemned the illustration on the cover page of NIN weekly magazine and said that by such gesture this weekly magazine has offended all victim of the Holocaust but also all citizens of Serbia.

Using a photograph taken at the Dachau concentration camp NIN weekly attempted to send out a message in an utterly inappropriate manner, by making eerie references to an ideology which revolved around instigating racial, religious and national hatred and ultimately led to the death of millions of people during World War II, warned Commissioner Janković.

The Commissioner stressed that respecting human rights and appreciating differences represent attainments of our civilization which cannot be challenged, not even through freedom of speech and free media, as boundaries of journalist ethics and fundamental human decency must not be crossed.

Commissioner Janković concluded on a positive note by saying that NIN weekly did extend its apologies promptly to the citizens of Serbia.

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