Warning regarding the statement of Dragoslav Bokan

The Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Brankica Janković, strongly condemns the discriminatory and inadmissible statement of Dragoslav Bokan about Marinika Tepić.

The law prohibits hate speech, expressing discriminatory positions, insults and belittling based on nationality, ethnic origin, ancestors, as well as any other real or presumed personal characteristics, warns Brankica Janković.

Relating anyone’s national and ethnic affiliation to the work they do, including engagement in politics, is extremely inappropriate and unacceptable. In all parties, including the ruling one, there are national minorities that participate in creating decisions, by which Serbia shows its respect for the principle of equality.

Serbia pursues a responsible policy when it comes to national minorities, and that is why we must not be tolerant of such attitudes, which harm the entire society, the Commissioner concludes.

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