Warning for the Public

Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic strongly condemns the insults that were addressed to Milena Ivanovic, widow of murdered Oliver Ivanovic, by Zeljko Veselinovic on Twitter. Using inappropriate and brutal qualifications, he offends Milena not only as a woman, stating the “she is not a woman, but a devil”, but he also puts her safety in danger in such way.

Commissioner reminds that Milena Ivanovic has been exposed to naming and judgments because of life style she had after the death of her husband, stating that this last public attack reveals misunderstanding of women’s role in the society.  Mrs. Ivanovic, as every other woman, has her personality and a right to choose how to live her life in accordance with her norms, not in accordance with someone’s expectations.

Political struggle and exchange of opinions is allowed, but to use assessments how someone mourns a close person and how someone lives after someone’s death in that context is absolutely inappropriate, concluded Commissioner Jankovic.

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