Warning for the public

Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic condemns misogyny statements expressed by Sergej Trifunovic on Twitter, who insulted a journalist from Srpski Telegraf in an inappropriate, sexist way, and disclosed her phone number, endangering her privacy.

Social discourse is lately marked by frequent insulting and sexist content regarding women and also by mutual insults and use of inappropriate wording and qualifications. Jankovic warns that publicly expressed words influence the formation of public attitudes and cultural patterns and that is necessary to have the responsibility for wording of publicly expressed statements and to be aware of it.

Jankovic also condemns his insult addressed to the President of the Republic of Serbia, comparing him to Adolf Hitler. She reminds that anti-fascism is one of the most important attainments of our society and that protection of national minorities and their identity is one of the most significant priorities of our state policy.

Such way of expression is not allowed and is forbidden by law, stressed Commissioner Jankovic.

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