The 4th National Contest in Trial Simulation „Condemn Discrimination“ begins

Brankica Janković, Commissioner for the Protection of Equality opened the 4th National contest in trial simulation in the field of protection against discrimination – Moot Court.

It goes without saying that knowledge is the most precious commodity today and that is why we consider this contest very important, especially for those of you who are young. We need more lawyers who can engage in the processes of building anti-discrimination legal practice thus helping build a better society that we all want to live in, the one which is consistent with the respect of equality rights, said Commissioner Janković.

Hoping that this contest will motivate all competitors, Commissioner expressed her expectations that these activities will foster new generations ready to tackle discrimination challenges, who will be able to act as judges, work for the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality or any other institution or organization dealing with human rights protection.

Commissioner thanked the judges who participated in trial simulation, the Administrative Court which made its premises available for the Moot Court and Open Society Foundation which provided financial support for the implementation of this project. Moot Court judges included Bosa Nenadić, Vida Petrović Škero, Nebojša Đuričić, Lidija Đukić, Nenad Vujić, Vesna Petrović and others.

Dušica Marinković, a representative of the Administrative Court said to the participants that she hoped that students would find this competition helpful in order to prepare themselves for their future occupation through practical training and that they would bear in mind not only the opportunities, but also temptations and difficulties real judges face in the courtroom, when practicing this area of law.

After the opening ceremony, the contest began in several courtrooms at the same time. Winners will be announced at the end of the second and final day.

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