Statement regarding the insulting newspaper covers

On the occasion of media reports on Jelena Karleusa and Ognjen Vranjes, despite the reactions of the Ministry of Culture and Information and the Press Council, media continue to violate the laws and the Code of Journalists by publishing inappropriate, degrading and offensive content, says Commissioner for the Protection of Equality.

Front pages of some daily newspaper, but also at internet portals, with pornographic content photos and degrading and vulgar headlines are to be strongly condemned. Although celebrities and their actions draw public attention, media must not breach the basic rules of journalism that may influence their lives and lives of their families. In such way, gender stereotypes are supported, among others, and the woman is reduced to a sexual object.

Commissioner appeals to media to respect regulations and professional standards and to stop publishing pornographic, inappropriate and offensive content that insult dignity of a person, and also of citizens of the Republic of Serbia.

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