Results of the competition “Bridge of Understanding – Intergenerational Solidarity 2021”

On the occasion of October 1 – International Day of the Elderly, the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality announced a competition for the best literary work, art work and photography on the topic “Bridge of Understanding – Intergenerational Solidarity”. According to the expert jury, the contents of the submitted works are extremely diverse, creative and educational. The purpose of the competition has been completely fulfilled, because the older primary school students have confirmed in this way that they really recognize the problems that arise when intergenerational solidarity is lacking.

In the category Literary work, the first prize went to Luka Šešlija (Elementary School “Sveti Sava”, VII3, Batočina), the second prize went to Silvija Blagojević (Elementary School “Branko Radičević”, VII1, Melnica – Petrovac na Mlavi), while the third place went to Ognjen Mitrović (Elementary School “Branko Ćopić”, VI4, Belgrade).

In the Art Work category, the first prize went to Andrijana Radočaj (Elementary School “Vasa Stajić”, VIII1, Novi Sad), the second place went to Anastasia Korunović (Elementary School “Sveti Sava”, VIII1, Batočina), and the third to Sofia Pavlović (Elementary School “Aca Sinadinović”). VII1, Predejane).

In the Photography category, the first prize went to Dijana Pudelka (Elementary School “15. Oktobar”, VII1, Pivnice – Bačka Palanka), the second prize went to Kristina Čapanda (Elementary School “15. Oktobar”, VI1, Pivnice – Bačka Palanka), while the third place went to Stefan Tešanović (Elementary School “August 22”, VIII2, Bukovac – Novi Sad).

Over 550 works in all categories arrived at this year’s competition, from several different cities and villages of the Republic of Serbia: Banatsko Karađorđevo, Batočina, Beograd, Bačka Palanka, Bečej, Botunja, Botoš, Brodarevo, Valjevo, Varda, Velika Plana, Velika Reka, Vranje, Gornja Gorevnica, Inđija, Lazarevac, Kovilja, Kovačica, Kragujevac, Melnice, Mladenovca, Mokrina, Negotina, Niša, Novog Pazara, Smederevska Palanka, Nova Pazova, Novi Sad, Obrenovac, Paraćin, Pirot, Plavne, Platičevo, Požarevac, Prahovo, Predejane, Ruma, Srpsko Itebej, Stapara, Stare Pazove, Subotice, Turije i Crvenke.

The awards will be solemnly presented on the eve of the World Children’s Day, about which all the winners will be informed in a timely manner.

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