Public notice – Srbin-info discriminated LGBT population

The Commissioner for Protection of Equality, Ms Brankica Janković, in the proceedings upon complaint filed by the Regional info centre, has issued the opinion that in many texts published on the internet portal from May, 2015 until March, 2016,  the act of discrimination against members of LGBT population was committed.


The texts titled „Congratulations – Gay pride parade broken up in Moldavia“, „Sodom and Gomorrah in Belgrade“, „Parade of shame ended“, „Horrible: At the gay parade in Belgrade pedophilia promoted“, „Homosexuals create gay population“, „Homosexuality, disease or preference“ and „The satanization of Serbia and its political establishment“, expressed the views and attitudes which are disturbing and humiliating and which insult the dignity of persons with different sexual orientation other than heterosexual.  It was established that the mode of reporting of the portal, where the persons of homosexual orientation had been associated with disease, perversion and pedophilia, was unacceptable and contrary to anti-discrimination legislation.


The portal was recommended, due to its promoting of discriminatory attitudes, to publish an apology on its portal to the members of LGBT population, as well as to refrain in the future from publishing texts which insult the dignity of the members of LGBT population and support stereotypes towards homosexuals and to try by its articles to contribute to the reduction of homophobia, violence and discrimination, promoting  tolerance towards this population, as well as all other minority groups.


Since the recommendations have not been acted upon, the Commissioner for Protection of Equality, pursuant to the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination, hereby notifies the public accordingly.

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