Public notice – President of United Serbia, Dragan Marković, discriminated the members of LGBT population in the weekly „Afera“

The regional info centre appealed to the Commissioner with a complaint against United Serbia because of discriminatory statements of the president of that party, Dragan Marković, in an interview to the weekly newspaper „Afera“. Speaking about the LGBT population, among other things,  Mr. Marković declared:  „What do you mean by population? These are small groups of people who make a business out of their own and other people’s health issues. How can I support something that is against nature …“.


The Commissioner for Protection of Equality has established that expressing such a viewpoint represents an act of discrimination because it insults the dignity of homosexuals creating in relation to them an offensive and degrading environment. Such statement contributes to the spread of stereotypes and prejudices, creating an atmosphere of intolerance. The Commissioner has stressed that special responsibility and weight lay on such declaration because it was made by a holder of public authority, whose constitutional and legal obligation is to respect the prohibition of discrimination and equality of all citizens.


The Commissioner for Protection of Equality has given the opinion that the President of United Serbia, Dragan Marković, violated the provisions of the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination and recommended him to address his apology to the members of LGBT population, which will be published in a daily newspaper with national circulation and to abstain in the future from making statements that offend the dignity of homosexual persons.


Since Dragan Marković failed to act on the recommendation, the Commissioner for Protection of Equality, pursuant to the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination, hereby notifies the public accordingly.

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