Living Library on the Education Fair

Did you have a chance to meet “living library”?

We invite all visitors to meet with “Living Library” at Belgrade Fair and talk with our living  books in Hall 2B on Saturday from 13:30 to 18:30 and Sunday from 10:00 to 16:00.

Books in this unique library are people from disadvantaged minority groups: Roma, people with HIV – infection, persons with disabilities, LGBT persons, also many other people who are daily faced with discrimination, humiliation, but who has will and strenght to share their life stories with others.

The main goal of “Living Library” is to promote equality and tolerance and represents an opportunity to hear, through authentic life stories, different experiences of discriminated people in everyday life.

“Reading” living book could be the best way to overcome prejudices and stereotypes and change personal attitude toward people who are often ignored just because they are different.

Book and Education Fair visitors for the fifth year in a row have the opportunity to personally meet its “stereotypes” and, after “reading” any of our books change attitude towards members of different stigmatized social groups.

“Living Library” becomes more and more popular every year and more and more visitors are ready to read living books.

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