Condemnation of graffiti against the Slovak national minority in Kisač

Writing graffiti against the Slovak national minority in Kisač, for the second time in a short period, is absolutely reprehensible, says the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Brankica Janković.

Multiculturalism, multinationality, tolerance, and joint coexistence are characteristics that Serbia and Novi Sad are proud of, and such vandalism does not represent the true picture of relations, but the act of individuals that must be condemned.

Janković warned that writing messages that incite religious hatred and national hatred is prohibited by law and is especially harmful in multinational environments, given that these are places that should reflect the richness of diversity and nurture the values ​​of the joint life of citizens of all nationalities and religions.

The Commissioner says that it is important that the authorities react, find, and sanction those responsible.

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