Condemnation of a discriminatory post about the elderly

After several citizens addressed Commissioner for Protection of Equality because of the post “When the apartment smells of old age” published on the portal, the Commissioner Brankica Jankovic condemns this discriminatory way of portraying the older persons and warns that this article rudely belittles the elderly and insults their dignity.

This article problematizes hygiene, clothing, nutrition and lifestyle of the elderly in an inadmissible and extremely insulting manner, including the given recommendations on how to deal with the “smell of old age” in apartments. All these stereotypes are not only discriminatory, but they additionally marginalize, stigmatize and create intolerance towards older people, Commissioner stated.

She pointed out that the media are obliged to report responsibly and professionally, respecting journalistic ethics and must not cross borders that endanger human dignity and human rights.

Jankovic reminded that precisely due to the frequent exposure of senior citizens to discrimination, Commissioner for the Protection of Equality published a Special Report, highlighting these problems, but we also need to have in mind that, as a society, we have an advantage and potential, in accordance with our cultural identity, to promote respect for the elderly, intergenerational solidarity and mutual understanding.

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