Commissioner at the “Women for Women” conference

Achieving true gender equality implies mutual cooperation and support of all actors in various fields, and „Blic žena“ is a magazine that since its inception promotes women who achieve success in science, medicine, and entrepreneurship, said the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Brankica Janković, at the opening of the “Women for Women” held on the occasion of celebrating 18 years of this magazine.

The Commissioner assessed that during the previous years, significant progress was made towards a balanced representation of women in the most important social areas, such as work and employment, politics, health and safety, thanks primarily to the improved legal framework, the establishment of specialized bodies and institutions that deal with gender equality and protection from discrimination, as well as more active participation of civil society. She pointed out that equal participation is not only the fulfillment of regulations but that it brings a new quality, thanks to the influence of different perspectives when creating policies and making decisions.

The Commissioner said at the conference that women face numerous problems and discrimination in the labor market, which is confirmed by the complaints received at the address of the Commissioner’s institution. She assessed that the development of female entrepreneurship is an important driving force of our society and that it is crucial to create policies that support female entrepreneurs. Empowering rural women is another important activity to which our institution is committed, emphasized Janković, and said that the Commissioner initiated several amendments to laws and regulations aimed at suppressing discriminatory practices and gender stereotypes.

The conference was opened by Darija Kisić, Minister of Family Care and Demography, State Secretary of the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs, and Commissioner Brankica Janković , and in the panel discussion “EQUAL: The presence of women in public and business life”, in addition to the Commissioner, Gordana Predić, special advisor to the Minister of Culture, Tatjana Vidaković, editor-in-chief of the “Infostud” portal, Danijela Gašparac, head of marketing at the company “Telekom Srbija”, Jelena Bulatović, executive director of the Serbian Association of Managers and Marija Ilić, president of the Board of Directors of the Video Game Industry Association of Serbia, also participated.


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