Commissioner at the meeting for defining initial foundations of the Draft of the Law on Gender Equality

Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic participated at two-day meeting, aimed to defining of initial foundations for the Draft of the Law on Gender Equality, where she pointed out the importance of proper implementation of the new law, noting that the effects of this law in real life have to be carefully considered and coordinated.

Jankovic said that discrimination against women is most visible in the area of labor and employment, as a consequence of traditional relations and gender roles in our society. “That is something that can’t be changed by any law, it has to be changed in our culture, science, media and education. These are key areas for changing the gender patterns which are later reflected in discrimination at the labor market”, said Commissioner. She particularly accented that our society has to have zero tolerance for sexism, sexual harassment and misogyny.

Commissioner also draw attention to the measures related to social politics and health protection that may contribute to the improvement of gender equality, such are the amendments of disputable provisions of the Law on Financial Assistance to Families with Children, introduction of adequate measures aimed to achieve balance between business and private life and other services in community, but also to necessity of more efficient suppression of family and domestic violence and deconstruction of gender roles stereotypes.

At the meeting, organized by the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights and Social Dialogue, representatives of several governmental and non-governmental organizations also presented their views related to the improvement of gender equality.

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