Day: July 25, 2023

Commissioner at the 36th Gathering of Flutists “Hey Morava”

Commissioner Brankica Janković was the hostess of the 36th Gathering of Flutists of Serbia “Hey Morava” held in Prislonica, near Čačak. The central event of the Gathering is the competition, where musicians from all over Serbia have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in playing the flute. This year, Aleksa Miletić was declared the winner…

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No. 1124-22

no. 07-00-2/2023-02 date: 25.7.2023.   OPINION          The opinion was issued in the procedure concerning the complaint of AA against the BB Elementary School (from now on: the School), who believes that the School discriminated against him based on his marital and family status. The complaint stated, among other things, that the complainant is a divorced…

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