1211-18 Opinion with recommendation upon the complaint by CUPS against PC Post of Serbia because of discrimination on grounds of disability and accessibility of object in public use



Opinion is given in the proceeding upon complaint filed by organization C.U.P.S. and C.R.D against Public company “Post of Serbia”, because of discrimination on grounds of disability. In the complaint, it was stated that the Post building in L. is not accessible for persons with disabilities using wheelchair, because of architectural barriers. In the statement by Public company “Post of Serbia”, it was said among others that this specific building, object 16000 in L.1, in street…..no…… was built more than 40 years ago and was not recently renovated, thus the accessibility of this building for persons with disabilities was not achieved yet (which would be the case if this object was renovated). They also stated that after they had received a complaint, they have sent an expert employee to determine technical possibilities for installation of ramp for persons with disabilities on this object, after which they started to produce technical documentation. It was further stated that the draft of creative solution was made, with the positioning of external ramp as a possible solution, since this object may be accessed over 5 steps with total height of 70 cm, and also that Public company “Post of Serbia” undertakes all activities related to obtaining licenses and approvals in charge of local self-government unit in order to begin with construction works to set the ramp for persons with disabilities as soon as possible. During the proceeding, it was determined that object 16000 in street…..no…… in L. is not accessible for persons with disabilities, which violated provisions of Articles 6. and 17. of the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination, in relation with provisions of Articles 13. and 16. of the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination of Persons with Disabilities. It was recommended to Public company “Post of Serbia” to continue activities aimed to provide access to this object in order to enable people with disabilities to access it equally and to take care not to violate regulations related to the prohibition of discrimination in their work.



Brankica Janković

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