World AIDS Day

The occasion of December 1, World AIDS Day, reminds us that discrimination against persons living with HIV and AIDS still exists in Serbia and that social distance towards these citizens has not shrank, said Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic, adding that unfortunately, situation is not different this year.

Number of complaints because of discrimination on ground of health is at the fifth place, with great number of them relating to discrimination because of HIV/AIDS. Discriminatory acting against these persons is present in various spheres of social life, starting from reactions in their surroundings and family to the area of work and employment, said Jankovic.

She stressed that existing studies show that sexual life of young people is very risky and that they are partly informed and educated in this subject, mostly those living in big cities.

Commissioner emphasized that it is necessary to undertake all available measures in order to provide equal rights to health and social protection, education, employment and dignified life to members of this sensitive social group. We must not allow that these persons live in fear, rejected by their communities, because of ignorance and insufficient information, said Jankovic.

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