Women in the Security System – Lecture of Commissioner at the College of Security Studies

Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic gave a lecture at the College of Security Studies SNO on a topic “Feminist approach to security studies”.

Commissioner Jankovic indicated key elements of the feminist theory in correlation with traditional theories of realism and liberalism, stating that women had little control over their protection system in the past and that their voices were less heard regarding the issues of security. Jankovic said that feminist theory contributed greatly to the UN Security Council Resolution 1325, where gender issues, among other things, were incorporated in all aspect of peace.

She stressed that second Action plan is being conducted in Serbia, within the realization of Resolution 1325, which accents the quality of women’s inclusion in the security process.

During the discussion after the lecture, the participants exchanged their opinions about the role of women in the security system and the scale impact of stereotypes and prejudices in our society.

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