Commissioner for Protection of Equality, Brankica Jankovic, warns that with the performance of mixing liquids of different colors, the leader of Dveri, Bosko Obradovic, encourages fear and the creation of a hostile environment towards migrants and people of different skin color and ethnic origin.

The Constitution of the Republic of Serbia prescribes the right to asylum, and this performance violates the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination, which prohibits harassment and degrading treatment, especially if it creates fear or a hostile, humiliating or insulting environment, says Jankovic.

Commissioner also points out that our citizens, despite individual cases of misunderstanding and prejudice, have shown a high level of solidarity, humanity and tolerance towards migrants in previous years, which must not be questioned now.

Everyone can have different political views, including the view of migrant policy, but it is inadmissible to insult and belittle on racial, ethnic and religious grounds, especially racism and xenophobia, emphasizes Jankovic and calls on politicians to respect human rights, which are the basis of any democratic societies based on the rule of law.

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