Warning because of peer violence in Barajevo

Recordings of brutal slapping and insulting of 15 year old girl from Barajevo, who was beaten and humiliated by her school peers, are being published in media for three days in a row, showing that peer violence is one of the greatest problems in our society, warns Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic.

In spite of fast reactions of relevant Ministries, this violence case, as well as similar recordings which were shared on social networks with goal to gain popularity and show supremacy over weak, where it can be seen that the harassment was witnessed by other children who haven’t even tried to prevent the violence, is a warning for all of us – from parents and school to the whole society – that belittling, violence, intolerance and discrimination emerge as a behavior pattern among teenagers.

We have to find out the best ways to stimulate and preserve the basic values, such are nice manners, humanness, compassion, friendship, because this is a serious alarm primarily for the relevant institutions, who must do everything in their power to reduce violence in schools and impose serious sanctions to the perpetrators, but also to undertake measures for continuous systematic prevention. Still, we all have general responsibility, because communication models characterized by scandals, violence, verbal insults, non-critical glorification of money and instant fame are not limited to the world of adults only. They are swiftly overflowing to children and schools and bringing great harm to young generations, says Commissioner Jankovic.

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