Warning because of insulting Principal Popovic and Professor Sinani

Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic condemns insulting remarks which journalist Milomir Maric publicly expressed about Professor the Faculty of Philosophy Danijel Sinani and Principal of University of Belgrade Ivanka Popovic.

It is impermissible and prohibited by law to express discriminatory attitudes, insults and belittling on grounds of nationality, ethnic origin, ancestry or any other real or assumed protected characteristic. Critics and opinions about someone’s work may not be expressed as insulting, humiliation or offending someone’s dignity, especially not by causing intolerance to any individual.

All media and media professionals have the obligation to respect professional and ethical standards of public informing and reporting, as well as the laws and Constitution of the Republic of Serbia which clearly prohibit discrimination on any grounds, especially, among others, on grounds of nationality, social origin, birth, concludes Commissioner Jankovic.

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