The meeting of the Commissioner Brankica Jankovic and the British Ambassador in Serbia

Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Mrs. Brankica Jankovic met with the British Ambassador in Serbia, Mr. Denis Keefe. At the beginning, Mr.Keefe and Mrs. Jankovic agreed on the conclusion that cooperation between the Commissioner and the British Embassy in the past period was excellent, and that cooperation will be continued in the future through various projects and activities. Mr. Keefe congratulated the Commissioner for the successful conference ”Serbia on its way to tolerance and equality” held on 16 November in Belgrade. During the conversation the importance of Commissioner’s work in combat against discrimination was emphasized. The Ambassador and the Commissioner were talking about the position of the LGBT persons, elderly persons, and persons with disabilities, and the cooperation between the Commissioner and the British Embassy, in the frame of the project ”Good governance”, was agreed.

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