The Commissioner’s Initiative for the Movement of Personal Assistants and Informal Carers has been adopted

The Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Brankica Janković, welcomes the adoption of the Initiative, which on March 26 proposed ways to address the movement of personal assistants of persons with disabilities who provide services in the evening, during the time of prohibition of movement prescribed by measures to combat the epidemic.

Also, the Initiative referred to assistance and support services for people with disabilities, provided by informal caregivers, relatives or friends, who do not live in a joint household, as well as for our citizens who are in the terminal phase of the disease and who use palliative care in at home, as well as people with dementia.

The Commissioner points out the quick reaction when it comes to the measures proposed in the Initiative, as well as all measures that are adopted in order to protect the health of the population, especially having in mind vulnerable and endangered groups, which most often address the Commissioner’s institution.

By making its capacities available to all citizens of Serbia in order to protect their rights and provide the necessary information and notifications during state of emergency, the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality will continue to monitor the situation in accordance with legal competencies and continuously point out the problems they face and are addressed by the most vulnerable categories of citizens.

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