The Commissioner at the presentation of the research on pandemic impact on the position of persons with disabilities

Due to the problems faced by members of vulnerable groups during the state of emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality sent 312 recommendations of measures and 12 initiatives to public authorities, said Commissioner Brankica Janković at the presentation of the National Organization of Persons with Disabilities research on the impact of pandemic on the position of persons with disabilities in Serbia, organized by the Department for Democratization of the OSCE Mission in Serbia.

Commissioner pointed out that the pandemic especially burdened and worsened the position of population groups which were endangered even before the crisis, including persons with disabilities. Some of the problems faced by persons with disabilities have increased and among them were the increased cost of living due to restrictions on the provision of services, movement bans and inaccessibility to access public transport.  Access to health services was more difficult, problems in the field of education, especially inclusive, have increased, as well as problems at in the labor market where new organization and working conditions emerged, together with various forms of temporary termination of employment or dismissal.

The Commissioner said that from the very beginning of the introduction of the state of emergency, the Commissioner pointed out the need for a comprehensive review of the position of certain social groups when adopting certain measures related to mitigating the consequences of the pandemic, but also that in these difficult conditions of inestimable importance and that only in solidarity can we find a way out of the crisis.

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