Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic states that this year’s International Labor Day is celebrated in different circumstances than in previous years, but that the right to decent work with respecting the principle of equality must be implemented regardless of the current situation.

Number of complaints submitted because of discrimination in the field of work and employment has not increased during the state of emergency, while a number of problems stated in the complaints filed by employed parents regarding childcare were resolved, Commissioner said, noting that neither the epidemic nor anything else may be an excuse to discriminate against workers on any grounds, or to violate labor rights.

We were not all equally affected by the spread of virus, so special attention in the coming period should be paid to supporting those who were more affected and who are more often exposed to discrimination in regular circumstances, such as the poor, unemployed, workers over 55, people with disabilities, as well as to the issue of more frequent discrimination against women in the labor market, emphasizes Jankovic.

Commissioner stresses that this situation represents an opportunity to strengthen respect for universal values, especially work, that should be especially valued in society. People are the most important resource of any society, which is proved to us by health workers, employees in trade, teachers, journalists and other employees in utilities and other activities that are vital to functioning, and who have borne the greatest brunt of the current situation, Jankovic concluded.

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