Statement on the occasion of International Day Against Transphobia and Homophobia

On the occasion of International Day Against Transphobia and Homophobia, Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic stresses that trans persons and members of LGBT population must not be discriminated because of their gender identity of sexual orientation. Transphobia and homophobia are still present in our society, as well as the lack of comprehension for problems that LGBT persons are facing, says Commissioner and emphasizes that they are the part of our society and that we cannot ignore their existence and rights.

It is worrying that individuals, especially certain politicians and public figures, still express insulting and belittling attitudes which continue to support prejudices to LGBT community, stresses Commissioner.

Jankovic emphasizes that beside positive changes and amended legislative in relation to changing of gender in the register and document, the further implementation of regulations should be continued in order to improve the position of these social groups. She says that the number of complaints submitted to Commissioner indicate that the members of LGBT population should be empowered to report discrimination, particularly having in mind that the most of complaints were submitted by civil society organizations.

Contemporary society must not tolerate any type of discrimination and has to create conditions to achieve the equality of all citizens, concludes Jankovic.

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