Seminar for labor inspectors for implementation of anti-discrimination regulations

Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic opened two-day seminar in Subotica about implementation of anti-discrimination regulations for the labor inspectors, organized by Commissioner for the Protection of Equality and OSCE Mission in Serbia.

Commissioner Jankovic stressed that greatest number of complaints, submitted to Commissioner for the Protection of Equality in the last year, was related to the area of labor and employment and emphasized the importance of cooperation between institution of Commissioner, Ministry of Labor, Veteran and Social Issues on protection of equality and adequate implementation of anti-discrimination regulations in this area.

Commissioner held a lecture and a workshop, presenting the concept and types of discrimination, ways for recognizing them, as well as some cases from the practice of Commissioner relating to discrimination in labor area.

Other speaker at the seminar was also Labor Inspectorate assistant director Vojin C. Jondic, while Professor Ivana Krstic from the Faculty of Law at the Belgrade University presented legal frame that regulates discrimination in the area of labor and special measures aimed to achievement of the equality.

There are three more seminars planned to be held in Pirot, Cacak and Nis, completing the education for all labor inspectors, which will then be trained for efficient implementation of anti-discrimination regulations.

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