Roma leadership school students visited Commissioner for the Protection of Equality

Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Janković met with students of Roma leadership school Barvalipe that gathers young Roma dedicated to development and improvement of Roma community in Serbia.

It is very important that such school of Roma leadership exists, said Commissioner and stressed that it is necessary to continue with promotion of good practice within Roma activism, noting that this is one of the best ways to motivate young Roma people. Commissioner also appealed to students to react if they find themselves in situation to notice discriminatory behavior, emphasizing that they can contact the institution anytime.

President of Vojvodina Roma Center for Democracy Aleksandar Jovanović estimated that actions of the institution of Commissioner are of great importance for decreasing discrimination toward Roma national minority and presented exact proposals for future cooperation.

Activities of Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, that are aimed to improvement of position of Roma population members in Serbia, were presented at the meeting and it was also discussed about possible ways for young Roma from this school to give their contribution to change the position of Roma community. Acting Assistant to Commissioner Tatjana Jokanović presented in more details the work of institution of Commissioner intended to suppression of discrimination and improvement of equality in all areas of life.

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