On the occasion of April 22, the Day of Remembrance for Holocaust, Genocide and Other Victims of Fascism in the World War II, Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic stresses that this day, marking the 75th anniversary of the breakthrough of a group of ustasha detainees in Jasenovac, has to be a warning and remembrance of the hundreds of thousands of killed Serbs, Jews and Roma, including thousands of children, who died only because they were of other faith, race and nationality. It is the obligation of both individuals and the entire society not to forget the victims, and we must pay special attention to the education of children and youth, about how dangerous discrimination can be and to which catastrophic consequences it may lead, Commissioner emphasized.

This is also an opportunity to remember and pay tribute to ordinary people who have saved and helped, often risking their own lives. One of them, who was less known to the general public until recently, was Diana Budisavljevic, a woman who saved thousands of children from the NDH camp. That is why it is very important that citizens of Serbia and Croatia will be able to learn more about this woman who has shown by personal example that an ordinary man can do a lot in the greatest madness and save faith in humanity, from a film that will be broadcasted on national televisions simultaneously.

We must not allow any justification or tolerance towards fascist ideas and policies in Serbia, whose people, along with Jews and Roma, suffered the most in this area during the Second World War. Serbia is among the few countries that do not have an increase in anti-Semitism. Still, isolated incidents warn us that the younger generations must learn that their peers died only 75 years ago just because they were different. This Day of Remembrance is a warning to everyone that the violation of human rights and the incitement of racial, national and religious hatred and intolerance can lead to unforeseeable consequences, concludes Jankovic.

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