Press release following insulting posters

Brankica Janković, the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality strongly condemns posters that appeared in Novi Sad featuring Aleksandra Jerkov, member of the National Assembly that are vulgarly insulting to the MP Jerkov.

The Commissioner stresses that such posters have a discriminatory effect against MP Jerkov whose political involvement and ideas as well as public engagement are being belittled in the most demeaning and primitive way. In addition, the manner itself is insulting to all women and not only to those politically active.

According to the Constitution and related laws of the Republic of Serbia, the Member of the Parliament Jerkov has a legitimate right to promote and advocate different political views and ideas. It is unacceptable that this should be the basis for a campaign against her in such a way that it becomes a textbook example of gen der based discrimination. In addition, it is unacceptable that such primitive and vulgar insinuations should hint at any other personal trait.

Commissioner Janković hopes that the competent authorities will find the perpetrators of this shameful act as soon as possible and once again she stressed that there was a need to change the attitude towards women in our society.

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