Presentation of survey results about digital inclusion of elderly

Using of digital services has to be optional and functionally adapted for older people, because otherwise, great number of them will be discriminated or excluded from social flows, said Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic at the conference on the occasion of presentation of two publications: „Ageing and Digital Inclusion“ and „Guide for Using of E-Services“ published by Red Cross in Serbia and Institute for Social Sciences, supported by United Nations Population Fund UNFPA.

Having in mind that research data, stated in these publications, show that as much as 43% of elderly has never used Internet, that only 9% of elderly in rural areas have smart phone and that great majority of those who are online do not use digital services, it is clear that growing trend of digitalization of services is a risk of exclusion and discrimination, said Jankovic. Therefore, we must not allow that using Internet and new smart phone models become condition for achieving rights or accessing services, emphasized Commissioner, while new information and communication technologies should be used to decrease inequality and discrimination.

„Guide for Using of E-Services“ is created for older persons and provides detailed description for using eUprava portal as well as several most popular applications for e-banking in Serbia.

At the conference also spoke Nevena Sovic from UNFPA, Natasa Todorovis from Red Cross in Serbia and Goran Basic, director of Institute for Social Sciences.


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