Meeting of the Commissioner and representatives of the Youth Theater Novi Sad

Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic met with representatives of the Youth Theater Novi Sad to discuss the initiative to develop education on the dangers to which children are exposed on the street, such as trafficking, violence, discrimination and psychoactive substances, all in order to protect rights, equality and education of children in Serbia.

Representatives of the Youth Theater and co-producers emphasized the importance of the support of Commissioner for such type of engaged art, which highlight the difficulty of life for children on the street. International Day for Street Children has been celebrated on April 12 for ten years. Children who are living and / or working on the streets are also categorized as children on the move, who are at risk of inadequate care and sexual exploitation, abuse and neglect, but also violence. The pandemic exacerbated their plight.

ommissioner accepted the invitation to attend the premiere of the play “Girl with Matches” on May 16, 2021  at the Youth Theater in Novi Sad. Representatives of the Youth Theater Novi Sad emphasized that part of the play is intended for conversations with children and parents, and other activities will include forums for professionals from the NGO sector, education and social protection and others who work with children on the position of children on the move, human trafficking, importance of preventive actions…

Jankovic emphasized the importance of working with children and parents and praised the initiative of the Youth Theater to participate in the chain of education and development of children, in order to build a better democratic society of equals.

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