Meeting of Commissioner and President of National Parliament

President of National Parliament of the Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic had a meeting with Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic to discuss respect for differences and importance of equality, which are foundation of every democratic society, as well as support from the Parliament to achieving full equality of all our citizens.

One of the main discussion topics at the meeting was the recommendation that Commissioner sent to the previous convocation of the Parliament in order to ensure respecting of the principle of prohibition of discrimination, proclaimed by the Constitution and laws, through future amendments of Rules of procedure and adoption of Code of Conduct for MPs. President of National Parliament announced that Code of Conduct for MPs will be adopted by the end of the year. Dacic added that National Parliament will consider Regular Annual Report of Commissioner for 2019 on 26 December. Jankovic welcomed these announcements and stressed the importance of continuous cooperation, having in mind the key role of Commissioner for Protection of Equality as a central, independent state institution for improvement and monitoring of implementation of the principle of equality in all areas of social life.

Expressing the support to further work of Commissioner and the institution, president of National Parliament pointed out that respecting of Commissioner’s recommendations is of great importance not only for individuals but also for the whole society. „Serbia is strongly dedicated to democracy and respect for human and minority rights and in this regard, we will continue to be an ally of the institution that has contributed to our society making great strides towards the equality of all our citizens“, said Dacic.

Jankovic and Dacic agreed that dialogue and appreciation for different opinions are some of key conditions for further progress of our country and society. They also discussed how to organize other ways of cooperation, such as public hearings, dialogues, etc.

Commissioner also announced that she will submit a Special Report on the Position of Older Citizens in Serbia in March to MPs, after the Regular Annual Report, since Commissioner’s practice and many researches indicate that this social groups has difficulties in exercising some of their rights, is exposed to discrimination and neglecting, which deserves special attention of the public in order to improve their position.

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