It is essential to continue improving LGBT rights

There are evident improvements made during the previous years related to the position of LGBT population, but they are still facing great social distance and misunderstanding, while being targeted with patronizing and belittling speech in some media, said Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic in advance of Pride Parade. She said that she expects that Parade will be held in good spirit and that employees in the institution of Commissioner will participate in this event this year as well.

Jankovic said that Commissioner for Protection of Equality receives complaints because of discrimination against LGBT persons, but that actually many of victims don’t report cases of violence and discrimination because the fear of stigmatization. She stressed that although lot of work has been done, we need to continue work to improve legal regulations in order to achieve equal legal opportunities for all citizens in our country.

Among the activities in the week before Pride Parade, Commissioner Jankovic met with Fred Tree, famous LGBT activist of Stonewall revolution that occurred in New York 50 years ago, as the first mass movement for the rights of LGBT persons.

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