Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Brankica Jankovic, congratulates the International Day of Families to all citizens of Serbia and points out that the recent situation caused by the pandemic showed the importance of preserving the family and solidarity for its members, but also for the stability of society as a whole.

Commissioner says that during the previous period, it turned out that one of the most important tasks was to preserve and strengthen the family, and that it is particularly important to put emphasis on social groups that bore a greater burden during the pandemic. Appeals to our institution indicate that women were more affected, especially older women in the labor market and women employed in the informal sector, but also working single mothers, families of children with disabilities, citizens with disabilities suffering from serious and incurable diseases, women who were at risk or have experienced violence. Cases of cruel domestic violence testify to that every day, including the last one that happened in Erdevik. Our oldest citizens, especially those who live alone, have also borne a heavy burden.

Commissioner emphasizes the need to provide appropriate support to families with disabilities or health problems, Roma, the poor and families with irregular incomes, families in increased risk of violence which particularly endangers women, single parents and families without children, as well as LGBT persons who live in families in which their sexual orientation is not accepted. Due to all that, it is necessary to provide more significant support to these families, but also to the family in general, states Jankovic.

Noting that many families face numerous challenges, Commissioner points out that the availability and efficiency of appropriate and diverse community support services, as well as the adequate functioning of all institutions in the education, social and health care system, can significantly contribute to improving the quality of life of families, balance of work and private life, parenthood and other family responsibilities. In order for the family environment to be a place of acceptance and belonging, it is necessary to continuously build a culture of equality and tolerance, and we should all work on that together, concludes Commissioner.

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