Human Development Paper for Serbia dedicated to decreasing of inequality

Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic participated in the promotion of Human Development Paper for the Republic of Serbia, which is dedicated to decreasing of inequality. She stated that such studies are extremely important for many institutions, including Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, because they contribute to better comprehension of the situation and issuing of recommendations to public policy creators.

She reminded that numerous international, relevant researches revealed that economy growth declines with the increasing of inequality and that growing inequality makes efforts to reduce poverty more difficult. At individual level, inequality reduces the efficiency of an individual and his ability to demonstrate its real potential.

Commissioner Jankovic also revealed data from researches conducted by Commissioner for the Protection of Equality which show that citizens perceive persons with disabilities, poor and elderly as social groups that need help. Even if the research is not in correlation with the number of complaints, it does not mean that there is none and that discrimination on grounds of property status does not exist. We use every opportunity to call all relevant social actors to help this social group, said Commissioner.

Human Development Paper deals with issue of inequality and focuses on inequality indicators within sustainable development goals. It was concluded in this study that income inequality in Serbia is high, according to European standards, based on SILC researches. The study contains findings, conclusions and strategic messages which provide important information for activities and programs aimed to decreasing of inequalities in the Republic of Serbia.

Study promotion was also attended by Snezana Lakcevic, assistant director of Center for Social Policy, Gordana Matkovic, program director of Center for Social Policy, Ben Slay, higher advisor in UNDP Regional Office and others.

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