Chief of Staff to the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality

Antigona Andonov is the Head of Office of the Commissioner for Protection of Equality.

She also performs the function of the media advisor. She is working for the Commissioner for Protection of Equality from March 2011.For the previous 11 years she worked as editor of the info program of TVB92, where she was the news editor since the beginning of this television’s work. In 2002, she worked on the project National Minorities of the Ministry for National and Ethnic Communities of the Government of FRY, and from 2008 to 2010, she worked as the coeditor of the TV show State of the Nation. She started working as a journalist in 1993 on Studio B, the only independent TV station at the time, where she worked as reporter, host, news editor and author of political shows.

She was born in Belgrade in 1970. She graduated from the Fifth Gymnasium of Belgrade and she completed the studies of literature at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade in 1995, while she also spent some time studying the history of art. She speaks English and French. In 1992 she gave birth to a boy named Vlada.

Antigona Andonov
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