In ten-year period, since the institution was founded, we have done a lot and out society today is more ready to accept other and different. Still, there is much more work ahead of us, said Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic at the celebration held on the occasion of 10 years of the institution and ending of her 5 year mandate as Commissioner.

She highlighted that everybody in the institution gave their best, wishing to build Serbia as a modern society of equality, tolerance, justice and democracy, but that we are only in the middle of our journey, because there is no real equality as long as “prejudices and customs” are stronger than the law. Thousands of citizens who received protection are may be the best to evaluate our accomplishment, said Jankovic. First Commissioner Nevena Petrusic also addressed the attendants at the reception and gave throwback at the first steps in the institution’s work in 2010, when there was only one case of discrimination. President of the National Parliament Maja Gojkovic said that the institution of Commissioner for Protection of Equality greatly contributed to our country, enabling Serbia to make greater steps towards increased equality and protecting all our citizens from discrimination.

Among the guests at the reception were members of Parliament, ministries, representatives of diplomatic core, civil society and public figures.

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