Empowering women from Regional Trade Union Council „Solidarity“

Trade union activity of women is of crucial importance for the improvement of their position in society, especially in the field of labor and employment. Experience of the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality indicates that most of discrimination complaints pertain to this area, said Brankica Janković at the opening of „Empowering Women from Regional Trade Union Council „Solidarity“ event.

When we talk about position of women in the field of labor and employment, we see a paradox – on the one hand, women are often discriminated by employers, mostly because of their maternity status, while on the other hand, we hear that implementation of population policy measures is necessary and that demographic situation in Serbia is poor, said the Commissioner stressing that women should not bear greater responsibility than men, but rather that is should be equally shared between the sexes.

Coordinator Emilija Grujić presented the project of cooperation between European Trade Union Confederation and Regional network „Solidarity“, stating that women are, beside young people, the most vulnerable group on the labor market.

It is necessary to strengthen additionally female trade union activists in their efforts to firmly establish their role in trade unions and as well as in the society, said Grujić.

Confederal Secretary of European Trade Union Confederation Montserrat Mir Roca, warned that governments of some European countries constantly diminish the importance of human rights and social justice.

She presented the Action plan for the following period which foresees rising of employment level, equal representation of both sexes and equalization of wages. She stated that it is necessary to create policies that will generate the best solutions for the upcoming challenges – growing number of older people and providing a stable pension system.

Dušan Vuković, Vice President of Union of Independent Trade Unions of Serbia said that it is most important to become fearless and stand to protect those whose rights are violated, adding that there will be no social justice without  dialogue.

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