Culture and Art – Above all Borders and Differences

Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic attended the opening of the Digitalization Department of the Association for Culture, Art and International Cooperation Adligat, which keeps an important part of Serbian and world archives.

Adligat possesses around 2 million books, writings and objects. Among the first collections which will be digitalized are the collections of prof. Ileana Cura, one of the first feminists in Yugoslavia and founder of Department of Slavic Studies in New Delhi, as well as of writer Isidora Sekulic, the first woman in Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Among guests at the ceremony opening were also the members of Adligat Managerial Board Ljubivoje Rsumovic, Director of Belgrade Library Jasmina Ninkov, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Culture and Information and Vozdovac Municipality that supported the work of this association.

Within the Adlgiat there are the Lazic Library (since 1882), the Museum of Serbian Literature, the Book and Travel Museum and the House of Legacies of the famous members of the 20th century social and cultural elite of Serbia. Among other things, personal archives and documents of Uros Predic, Sava Sumanovic, Mihajlo Petrovic Alas, Milos Crnjanski, Joca Vujic, Milovan Danojlic, Borislav Pekic, Miodrag Pavlovic and many other great names from our culture will be digitalized.

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