We use word “dialogue” too often and we use it as a tool, without perceiving its aim, because if we want discussions to lead to a goal it is necessary to make compromises and there are less people ready to do so, said Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic at a conference “Active Citizens – Better Society: Advocating as a Way for Cooperation and Democratic Development”, organized by Office for Cooperation with Civil Society of the Republic of Serbia and partner civil society organizations.

If we really want progress, we have to hear our citizens, but unfortunately this is not happening often. We, as a state and society, have not completely managed to get close to citizens, said Commissioner. Decision making without a dialogue should not be standard, which is sometimes the case not only here but also in more developed countries. A society cannot be progressive without accepting the attitudes and opinions of its citizens, which are then built in public policies. Only in such case can the state claim to be working in the best interest of its citizens, emphasized Commissioner Jankovic. She said that Commissioner for Protection of Equality nurtures dialogue and finds its natural partners in civil society organizations to fight discrimination and improve equality.

Other topics of the conference were also the improving of the surroundings for activities of civil society organizations and ways of promoting and encouraging a dialogue between public authority bodies and civil society organizations in key areas of their relations.

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