Commissioner visits Little Mermaid Kindergarten at the beginning of Children’s Week Festival

The visit of Brankica Janković, the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality to Little Mermaid Kindergarten in Stepa Stepanović Belgrade neighborhood, marked the beginning of Commissioner’s activities within the Children’s Week.

The Commissioner talked about tolerance, friendship and family relations to more than hundred children and handed out coloring books which promote values associated with equality without discrimination in a society.

The Children’s Week is organized with an aim to draw attention to the right of children and youth to grow up and develop in best possible conditions, their right to equal opportunities for development and for achieving their full potential, to accept differences . . .

During Children’s Week the staff of the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality will visit different preschools and elementary schools and will hand out age appropriate coloring books and picture books which promote equality and anti-discrimination.

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