Commissioner visited Roma settlement in Cukarica

Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic visited informal Roma settlement in Cukarica within the campaign “Coffee with…..” and discussed with Roma women about their everyday problems.

The position of Roma men and women should not be discussed only on the occasion of International Roma Day or within the Month of Women’s Roma Activism, but on everyday basis, while the right picture can be seen only when we go out to visit some of the Roma settlements and talk with our fellow citizens, said Commissioner Jankovic.

We should be completely aware that the changes cannot be obtained overnight, but I still have to stress that in the last several years the Republic of Serbia has done a lot to improve the life quality of Roma national minority members, said Commissioner and highlighted the enabling the registration of temporary residence on social work centers addresses, which significantly decreased the number of legally invisible persons, as a good example.

She stressed that good sample from the practice is also the fact that she met Roma health mediator in the Roma settlement and that such model should stand as an example for other authorities that are competent for the life areas where Roma men and women need help at most, above all in education.

In discussion with Commissioner, Roma women stressed that for them the most common problems are difficult enrollment of children in the some schools, gender roles justified by tradition and Roma culture, underage marriages, unemployment and also domestic violence, which often occurs.

The action “Coffe with….” was organized within the Month of Women’s Roma Activism, with a goal to draw attention to the representatives of institutions to the position of Roma women in the Republic of Serbia and to make exact improvements in the quality of their lives through direct conversation.

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