Commissioner participated in the final Mentor walk “Share your knowledge”

Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic took part in Mentor walk in Belgrade which was organized as the final event within one-year program “Share your knowledge” that has being realized for the seventh time through partnership of OSCE, US Embassy and European Movement in Serbia.

Through her work with young women, Commissioner was continuously pointing to the importance of respecting of human rights, accenting the gender equality as the value of every democratic society, where the nurturing of principle of equal opportunities contributes to the development in all areas of life: from politics, through economy to culture. Reminding that the fight for human rights of women does not reduce the rights of men, Commissioner sent message to the participants of this program that we have to fight on daily basis for the society of equality and tolerance, using all available mechanisms, but also by own clear personal attitude and example.

“I think that it is worth to dedicate a time to be a part of this significant program, because although it seems that individual work with one woman is just a small assistance, the strengthening and support during the overcoming of initial obstacles in her professional work affect great number of people”, said Commissioner.

The goal of program „Share your knowledge“ was professional and personal strengthening or women through exchange of experiences and knowledge and mutual support, while mentors were voluntarily working with mentorinas, young women who are yet to build their own careers and who wish to become successful in their areas of work.

After the walk, a rock concert was held, where girl drummers from the First girl rock camp in this part of Europe have played their music.

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