Commissioner Jankovic in the Parliament of Montenegro

Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic took part at the session of the Women’s Parliament in the Parliament of Montenegro, where she spoke about the activities of the Republic of Serbia in the area of prevention and suppression of partner and domestic violence. The session, which was opened by the President of the Parliament of Montenegro Ivan Brajnovic, is organized by the Gender Equality Board, on the occasion of 16 days of activism against Gender-Based Violence.

Commissioner Jankovic stated that with adoption of the Law on the Prevention of Domestic Violence and amendments of the Criminal Law, as well as with good cooperation of the relevant authorities, a more efficient response of the state to the phenomenon of violence was achieved, and that in such way Serbia has sent a clear message to all perpetrators, but also to the whole public, that the violence is unacceptable and punishable and that it will not be tolerated.

“However, punishments and protection measures cannot be enough, it is necessary to remove causes of this phenomenon and change the awareness and relations of both institutions and public. Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, as the central state body for suppression of all types of discrimination, continuously points to the connection between submitted position of women in society and danger of violence, and has therefore realized many activities aimed at prevention and protection against gender discrimination: numerous education for judges, police officers, social care workers, measures of recommendation, warnings to the public and other activities”, stated Commissioner and stressed the necessity of continuous encouraging of women to report the intimidators.

At the session also spoke Ombudsman for human rights and freedoms of Montenegro Sucko Bakovic, president of the Supreme Court of Montenegro Vesna Medenica, while the members of the Government of Montenegro, Parliamentary parties and representatives of civil society organizations dealing with protection of female human rights also participated.

During her stay in Podgorica, Commissioner Jankovic also met with Ombudsman for human rights and freedoms of Montenegro Sucko Bakovic, with whom she has discussed the extension of good cooperation between two institutions. One of the discussion topics was also discrimination on the grounds of gender, disability, and nationality, especially in the labor market.

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