Commissioner at the presentation of book “Women and Sport”

Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic attended the presentation of book “Women and Sport” by author Prof. dr Milka Djukic.

Expressing her congratulations to author for the book, which deserves great attention because of many prejudices related to women’s success in sport, Commissioner said that it presents a crucial issue for the development of society.

“This is a rare occasion, when I am invited to talk about a subject when somebody already said everything about the book. Structure of this book reveals that Ms. Djukic had system approach to the problem of unequal position of women in sport, with assessment that it is necessary to have more women in decision making places. We should have more such publications and projects which could educate us and make changes in our society”, said Commissioner.

Dr Milka Djukic, the author, said that she processed various segments in this book, one part of it is historical, she came back in ancient Greece and Rome, quoted Homer, because she thinks that it is the very beginning. ”It’s a period when Spartan women had equal right to practice sport, said Djukic.

Promotion was also attended by Natasa Kovacevic, Svetlana Bilic, Jovanka Saranovic, Zorica Mrsevic and Stana Bozovic. 


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